What Makes a Good Direct Mail Piece?

There are several different kinds of direct mail pieces. Each of these pieces will be best for a certain kind of customer. A high-end customer might require something more upscale, such as a nicer paper stock or envelope. Direct mail pieces may be postcards or catalogs, which are best suited for businesses that sell a variety of different items. An innovative direct mail piece will build a story about your business, or paint a picture of your product or service.

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To attract the attention of your target audience, use the power of creativity. Creative direct mail pieces are sure to get your message across. Creative direct mail pieces can make a good impression on the recipient, generating messages that the reader will remember and act on. Consider the following tips when creating creative direct mail pieces:


A targeted direct mail piece is a highly effective way to catch a customer’s attention when it’s sitting in a less-crowded mailbox. Although an interesting mailing may be opened, if it doesn’t immediately meet a consumer’s desire, it will probably end up in the recycling bin. As email inboxes get increasingly crowded with offers, targeted direct mail pieces are a proven way to catch a customer’s eye.


To make your direct mail pieces more effective, focus on one main idea. It should be clear and easy to understand, and relevant to your target audience. The main benefit that sells your product, service, or feature should be very specific and easy to recall. An engaging direct mail piece is easy to understand, targets the right audience, and has a clear call to action. Read on for more tips on creating an engaging direct mail piece.


One of the most effective ways to attract prospects to your company is through the use of a well-written direct mail piece. Whether it is an envelope mailer, postcard, or brochure, choosing a concise and effective direct mail format is critical to getting your message across. In a few lines, explain what your direct mail piece is offering and why it is different from your competition. Keep copy to a minimum; your prospects don’t want to read a lengthy piece of copy with unnecessary information.


Personalized direct mail pieces are a great way to communicate with your customers. These pieces are customized for each recipient, and they can be more effective than generic mailers in terms of response rates. Personalized mailers increase customer loyalty by achieving a response rate of 6% or higher on average. Consumers today demand a more personalized experience, and they have begun choosing brands and products that provide that personal touch. Moreover, nearly eighty percent of U.S. marketers have experienced a measurable improvement in their marketing efforts after personalization, and more than half have seen a lift of 10 percent or higher.