What is the Best Day of the Week to Send Direct Mail?

Among all the days of the week, Monday and Tuesday are the worst to send direct mail. This is because most people don’t like to receive mail on Mondays and during the weekend, so you need to stand out from the other direct mailers that are sent on those days. Luckily, several days of the week are perfect for direct mail campaigns. Read on for more tips!

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Mother’s Day

The first thing to consider is that a consumer will be feeling particularly sentimental on Mother’s Day, which is why sending a reminder to your customers may seem a little odd. The best way to ensure your direct mail campaign doesn’t go unnoticed is to make it a fun experience. You can do this by incorporating a few special Mother’s Day messages into your direct mail campaigns. Sending a reminder is a great way to get your customers to take action, and the Mother’s Day email is the perfect time to do it.
Another great way to make Mother’s Day special is by promoting a special offer. For example, if you own a flower shop, you can include a card in your direct mail piece that offers a discount. A restaurant that specializes in flowers can send out gift certificates or give away gift certificates. Jewelers can include a note reminding the recipient that Mother’s Day is fast approaching and to order a special gift early.


While social media and email reach their peak audiences during peak periods, mail tends to get lost in the shuffle on Mondays and Fridays. Plus, most people are out of town on weekends, so they tend to not be interested in receiving mail on those days. So when it comes to sending direct mail, Tuesday is the best day of the week. If you want to maximize your response rate, make sure you send your mail on a Tuesday!
The best time to send an email is Tuesday between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. This time frame is the best for many reasons. Most people open their emails between 10 am and 2 pm and get the highest open and click-through rates. However, the results can vary by audience and product, so make sure you test your campaign to see which times work best for you! Using an email tracking tool such as Microsoft Excel can help you determine when to send your newsletters.

Avoiding Monday

There are several reasons why you should avoid sending direct mail on a Monday. Firstly, most people do not like receiving mail on a Monday, especially if it’s over the weekend. In addition, most people do not enjoy sorting through the mail once they’re home on a Monday. By sending your mail on another day, you can avoid this problem. Secondly, it’s more likely that your direct mail will get opened and read by your target audience.
Lastly, people focus on the weekend on a Sunday. As such, it would be unprofessional to deliver your mail on a Sunday. This is also a day when most people are relaxed, so you are encroaching on their private space. Moreover, sending mail on a Sunday is extremely expensive because people are in weekend mode. And last but not least, people generally don’t read their mail on a Sunday, so you should avoid sending your mail on a Sunday.


While there is some debate over which day of the week is best for sending direct mail, the most effective day to mail is mid-week. This is because people will be more likely to read mail during the week, and they are not distracted by other things. You can also expect to get a better response from people if you mail it on Tuesday. After all, who wants to open direct mail on Monday?
Another big holiday for direct mail is Mother’s Day, which is the mother of all mail days. One direct mail piece sent by Shari’s Berries, part of the FTD family of brands, advertised 25% off heart-shaped cheesecakes and sugar-shimmered berries on Mother’s Day. The colors and designs made the consumer’s decision to buy easier. It is not a coincidence that Mother’s Day is such a significant holiday for flower retailers.