What Is a Certificate of Mailing? 

What is a Certificate of Mailing? A Certificate of Mailing is a legal document that proves that a particular advertisement was mailed on the requested date. A Certificate of Mailing can be useful for several reasons, including documenting the date of mailing in the case that the postmark is not legible. To receive this document, a sender must first collect the envelope and a Certificate of Mailing.

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PS Form 3877 

The USPS forms PS Form 3877 for adult signature delivery, certified mail, express mail, and recorded delivery is used in the same way as other forms of mailing. The form must be completed with the sender’s name typed or printed in ink at the top, and postage stamps must be stamped and crossed out. The form may be endorsed as a return receipt or as delivery confirmation. The sender must retain a copy of the stamped Form PS 3877 as proof of mailing. 

When mailing through the USPS, it is important to present the certified mail manifest, or PS Form 3877, to the postal service. The document can be used for any certified mail service. A certificate costs $1.50, making it affordable for any mailing service. When mailing three or more certified mail letters, it is necessary to provide this document. It may also be filled out on paper or in an online editor. In any case, the mailer must pay the certificate fee for each item on the form. 

SS 1.9 

A SS 1.9 certificate of mailing is a document that states that you have sent mail to a specific address. Unlike an SS-9, which is only valid for mail sent to your home address, this document will be sent back to you if your mailing is returned or is not delivered. It is important to keep this form as proof that you sent mail. USPS provides multiple kinds of certificates, including a standard form that covers small shipments. You can also obtain forms for larger mailings, including bulk mailing internationally. Most of the official forms are available online in PDF format. 

Return Receipt 

If you’ve ever mailed something, you’re likely familiar with the need for a Return Receipt certificate. Even if you send your documents through an automated system, there are still ways to verify that you’ve received them. For example, if you send a check to your tax preparer, you’ll know that it has been received when it clears the bank. If your check does not clear the bank, however, you can request a Return Receipt by filling out PS Form 3811-A. 

The USPS certificate of mailing provides proof of mailing and acceptance, but it cannot guarantee delivery. It’s not a guarantee, and you’ll need to keep it for future reference. If you send mail internationally, you’ll also need this to prove that you sent the item. For domestic mail, you can use the certificate along with your postage receipt. The USPS will not store a copy of the certificate, so it’s important to keep both of them. You never know when you might need to use one.