What is Best Day For Direct Mail to Arrive?

Your choice of what day to mail direct mail depends on several factors. The time of year, target audience and buyer’s journey can all affect the best day to mail your direct mail piece. Learn more about how to boost response rates by learning what works best for your audience. Listed below are some tips to help you choose the best day for direct mail delivery. We recommend sending direct mail only to those who match your needs.


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In a recent survey, marketers from various industries ranked Tuesday as the best day for direct mail delivery. This is based on the fact that most people are back to work on Tuesday, and they forget about the weekend by Wednesday. This mid-week day has few competitors, so people are more likely to respond to your direct mail on Tuesday. However, if you want your direct mail to be opened on Tuesday, you should send it earlier in the week.
One way to boost your direct mail response rate is by considering the buyer’s journey. The top of the funnel is when your company is creating brand awareness and reputation. At this point, people are forming a better idea of what they need. By addressing their needs early, you can mail only the people who match your campaign’s target audience. And while Tuesday is the best day to send mail, be aware that the best time to send it depends on your company’s goals and resources.

Avoid sending direct mail on a Sunday

If you want your direct mail to be read and opened by your target audience, you should avoid sending it on a Sunday to arrive. This is the day when people are in weekend mode and are likely to throw the mail into the rubbish bin. Sundays are also the day that mail costs the most to deliver. The following are reasons why you should avoid sending direct mail on a Sunday to arrive. Here are three of them.
No one likes to receive a bill or an advertisement on a Sunday. It is unprofessional and inconvenient to deliver mail on a Sunday. Most mail services are closed on Sundays, making the delivery of promotional mail much more expensive. Plus, your targeted audience will probably be relaxing and getting some well-deserved rest. Plus, Sundays are also a bank holiday, which means that mail carriers may not deliver your piece on time.

Time of year

When is the best time to send out direct mail? The summer season is one of the best times to mail out direct mail. The reason is that many people are looking for Christmas gifts and cards, and will be more likely to open and read your marketing messages. Summer and early fall are also good times to send direct mail, since the mail flow will be much less. As a result, you’ll have more opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
Avoid the beginning of the week or bank holidays when sending out direct mail. Generally, people are busy and will not open the mail if it arrives on a weekend day. Mail that arrives on a Sunday will likely go straight to the garbage. It is also expensive to mail direct mail on a Sunday. In addition to being inactive on Sundays, people are not at home on these days, so they are more likely to ignore your direct mail.

Target audience

There are a few reasons why people are reluctant to receive direct mail on Monday or Friday. For one, it is the end of the work week. Also, people are usually out of the house on those days, so it might be more difficult for them to open a direct mail piece on those days. Fortunately, the best days for direct mail are Tuesday to Thursday, when mail is most likely to be opened.
If you want to improve the response rates of your direct mail, it is a good idea to plan ahead of time. Consider the stages in the buyer’s journey. You may want to mail to people in the top of the funnel, when your company is building its reputation and brand awareness. These people are more likely to remember your brand if they receive your direct mail on a special day. By understanding this stage in your buyer’s journey, you can send targeted mail that targets the right people at the right time.