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When your customers and clients are up to date on the latest news within your organization, they become more invested and engaged. By offering a big-picture view of your culture, you are drawing people in and allowing them to connect on a deeper level to who you are and what you offer. People love to feel a connection. By facilitating this, you’ll create lifelong, loyal customers.

A newsletter is a perfect way to provide insights into your organization that your members and clients might not get to see otherwise. By allowing people to develop that personal connection, you are creating a unique and critical bond with your audience.

Producing a regular newsletter is an easy thing you can do to keep the people that matter in the loop for your business or nonprofit organization. Your newsletter will serve as an excellent communication tool. It can help you highlight many pieces of information quickly and easily.

Many organizations that would love to create a regular newsletter as a part of their communication or marketing plan hesitate because of the time required. While creating the actual newsletter can become quick and easy over time, there’s still the matter of getting it to your target audience. The time and money spent on printing and mailing can seem daunting. In this situation, outsourcing is the perfect solution. Professional newsletter print services will allow your business to tap into the benefits of a regular newsletter without the stress.

Why Print Matters

When your goal is connecting with your audience, delivery matters. A physical copy of a newsletter, delivered to a mailbox, will offer your audience value you won’t find digitally. When email inboxes are overwhelmed with information, physical mail stands out and promises more engagement.

Not only are people more likely to open a piece of physical mail, but it also creates a tangible form of marketing that has a much longer life than digital forms of communication. Physical mail can potentially live in someone’s home for days or even weeks. Your printed newsletter may be placed on a refrigerator, shared with family members around the house, or even saved to revisit later.

Why Print Matters
Benefits of a Regular Newsletter

Benefits of a Regular Newsletter

Sending out a newsletter has many benefits for any organization. We all know how important communication is, and a newsletter is a tried and true way to communicate lots of snippets of information quickly and efficiently. Bundling together your information in a newsletter ensures your audience receives it in a convenient and fun way. Here are the top advantages of mailing out newsletters.

Create an Engaged and Valued Audience

Engagement matters. Your loyal customers are your bread and butter; their support keeps your organization alive. A newsletter is a simple way to engage your audience and earn their support and trust for your business objectives. When your customer base is informed about your company’s latest advancements, seasonal offerings, or charity engagements, they become personally invested and feel more compelled to form a long-lasting, loyal relationship. 

Target Your Audience  

A newsletter can be a valuable form of targeted communication. You can format your newsletter to speak to the audience you want to hear your message. You can use your mailing lists to sort and target the people you think will benefit the most from receiving your updates.

Highlight Your Brand 

Want to increase brand awareness? Make sure your audience is receiving consistent, engaging content from you. You can grow your brand identity with a newsletter, which provides an avenue to pair your visual branding with interesting information. Newsletters offer an opportunity to distribute a large amount of information while keeping things interesting and showing off who you are.

Defining Your Purpose

The purpose of a newsletter will vary depending on the company or organization. Whether you are using it as a tool to communicate with your employees or as an informational piece to update donors at your nonprofit, a newsletter can be a valuable connection tool. Start by finding your voice and defining your purpose. Follow up by setting goals and establishing a long-term plan for your newsletter.

Once you know what you want your newsletter to communicate about your company, you can partner with a professional newsletter print service to collaborate on a polished and professional design. Once you’ve created a basic template, it becomes easy to pop in information and send it to your print service, who will then get to work producing and distributing it.

Components of Successful Newsletters

There are certain components of a newsletter that are essential to its success. When you partner with a company that provides newsletter print services, they can help provide the expertise that will make your newsletter stand out and capture attention.

Eye Catching Visuals

Using modern and clean graphics will capture your audience’s attention. When you pair them with easy to read, modern fonts and a clean layout, people can’t help but be drawn in.  

Catchy Headlines

A short, punchy headline will make people want to know more. Creating enticing headlines will cause your readers to look deeper into your newsletter for information. 

Here are a few examples: 

  • Stop Making This Mistake with Your Front Lawn 
  • Sick of Mediocre Cookies? Try These 5 Tips
  • 7 Habits that Changed my Life

Organized Layout

Prioritizing your layout is a critical step in the creation of a newsletter. The great news is that once you’ve mastered the perfect design, you can revisit it month after month, just placing new information. Investing the effort to get it right the first time will make the long-term work on your newsletter easy. 

Pertinent Information

Your audience will quickly determine if your newsletter is worth their time. Be sure to include information that your audience wants to know. Interesting snippets and fun facts will benefit your audience and draw interest in future editions. 

Access to More Information

While your newsletter is just one piece of your communication plan, it can be a tool to drive people to more in-depth information. Pointing people to your website and a point of contact will help them find the information they want. 

The magic of newsletters is that you can create them however you want. Being thoughtful and deliberate in the execution allows you to fine-tune the desired results your newsletter will deliver.

Components of a successful newsletter

Tips for Creating an Engaging Newsletter

You want your newsletter to add value to your readers. Being thoughtful about each element of your newsletter will help it become something people look forward to reading. Here are some things that people enjoy about well-executed newsletters.

  • Valuable Content. Your content needs to mean something to people. When they connect with your content, they will connect with your organization. Curating information for a newsletter can take a lot of work, so consider stockpiling facts, figures, and anecdotes as you come across them throughout the month. When it’s time to create your newsletter, you can simply pull out the file where you stashed your ideas and get to work. 
  • Concise Information. People feel pulled in a million directions. The average person only has a few minutes to dedicate to a piece of mail, so make it punchy. Too many words will cause people to lose attention, so once you draw them in with your catchy headlines, get to the point and make it resonate. 
  • Personal Touch. People are loyal when they feel a connection. These bonds can be hard to establish in business, but a newsletter is a perfect place to highlight a side of your business that your customers might not see otherwise. Offer insight into your charitable involvement and environmental initiative. Let you’re readers know you’re not just some stuffy organization. You care about the world around you, and you’re working hard to make it a better place. 
  • Regular Frequency. Choosing the ideal interval for your newsletter can be tricky. You’ll want to strike the delicate balance between keeping your audience informed but not overwhelming them. If you send a frequent newsletter, consider keeping it short and sweet. Conversely, if you only send out a newsletter quarterly, you can get away with including more information. Whether your newsletter goes out bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly, it is important to be thoughtful about the amount of information you are asking people to consume.

How Professional Print to Mail Services Can Help

Producing a newsletter as a solo venture can be an overwhelming task. Print to mail companies exist for the sole purpose of easing the burden that comes with large mail projects. When you outsource your newsletter print services, you can expect to get help with many aspects of your project.

  • Creation. The best professional printing services are experts at creating print to mail documents like newsletters. They can help pop your information into a template and fine-tune your layout so that it is interesting and eye-catching. 
  • Print and Mail. This is the part you dread. Once you’ve printed off the newsletter, you’ll spend countless hours folding, stuffing envelopes, sealing, and dealing with address labels and stamps. It’s a mundane and mind-numbing task. A professional service has invested in the best technology to take care of each step quickly and efficiently so that you can turn your attention to more important things. 
  • Distribution List Management. The job isn’t done when your newsletters hit the mail. Managing return mail can also be a chore. Managing and updating your database to reflect errors and outdated addresses will reduce return mail in the future, saving you time and money. 

Towne Mailer can take your newsletter to the next level. Most companies aren’t equipped to take on creating physical newsletters in the capacity we  can. You can expect they will deliver a project that has gone through rigorous quality control and is printed with state of the art technology on the finest materials.

Newsletters at Towne Mailer

Towne Mailer is ready to jump in and help you start creating an outstanding newsletter for your organization. We offer newsletter print services that can help you take your ideas and make them come to life. With years in the industry and an eye for design, your newsletter won’t just be another piece of mail; we will collaborate with you to create something your customers and clients will look forward to receiving.

If you are ready to increase your sales and create more meaningful relationships with your audience, we are excited to help you get started. The first step in the process is to reach out to our team for a quote. From there, we will work with you to establish your goals and start producing a newsletter that will become a cornerstone of your marketing plan.

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