How to Change My Mailing Address? 

Changing your mailing address can be done by filling out a form and requesting to have your old address forwarded. This service lasts for six months, and you can request to extend it by up to a year. There are several different reasons to change your address. Some people never return to their old address. Others, such as college students or seasonal workers, move for a year or more and then return home.

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Change of address form 

To change your mailing address, you need to contact USPS. USPS can forward your mail to a new address at no cost. You can apply online or at a local Post Office. Once approved, the mail will be forwarded to your new address piece-by-piece for the specified period. 

If you have more than one address, you need to fill out an Individual Change of Address Form. This form is used when only one person needs the mail to be forwarded. It can also be used for multiple households, like if you’re moving with roommates. 

Time frame 

If you’re planning to move, you’ll need to make sure that all companies that send you mail update your address. The good news is that most of them let you do this online. You can save a lot of time by making these changes in advance. One of the most important parties to notify is your bank. This will make sure that you can verify your account and receive important bank statements. 

You can change your address permanently or change it temporarily. In some cases, the USPS will forward mail automatically for a specific amount of time. This can range anywhere from three to four days. However, most states allow you at least 30 days before your mail begins to arrive at your new address. 

Forwarding mail beyond a year 

There are a few things you should know before you start forwarding mail. The most important thing to remember is that the process does not happen immediately. It takes up to seven postal days for USPS to process your request. Therefore, it is best to submit your request at least two weeks before the time you expect to receive mail. 

In case you are moving long distances, the temporary forwarding period is usually up to a year. However, you can request an extension. If you plan to stay for longer than a year, you can request an extension to six months or more. You can even extend the forwarding period to 12 months, starting from the first day of the second six-month period.