How to Use Trackable Mailing Service? 

If you want to know how to use a trackable mailing service, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three different types of trackable services and what they do. Print tracking labels with the recipient’s address. Free services also allow you to track your package through a secure barcode. The tracking service will tell you when your package has been delivered. You can also get text tracking information from your provider. The more information you can get about the delivery of your package, the better.


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Trackable delivery methods 

USPS offers several different delivery methods, including the Trackable Mailing Service. You can use Trackable Mailing Service to ship Form DS-82s, which are sent in a letter-size envelope and are impossible to deliver through other methods. The USPS also offers Letter Track for regular mail, which is a trackable mailing service that is used to mail products in flat or bubble mailers. You can also use Trackable Mailing Service if you need to send products to a business address. 

Trackable mail services can be expensive, but they do allow you to track the package from start to finish. Many carriers offer this option for an additional fee. USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation is one option, although it takes longer to reach its destination. If you’re sending a package to a foreign country, you can choose USPS Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation if you’d like to be notified when it arrives at its final destination. 

Text tracking service 

A trackable mailing service is a great way to find out where your package is while it is in transit. If you’ve sent a package, you’ll know when to expect it to arrive. You can also use text messaging to receive updates. Simply text the number to 2USPS or email the USPS customer service. The USPS will respond with a text message with the mail tracking number and the expected delivery date and time. You can opt-out of receiving the message or reply with a STOP to cancel the service. 

Print or email tracking information 

USPS offers customers the option to print or email tracking information for their mail pieces. Using the informed delivery service lets customers check the status of their mail pieces before they leave the post office, and enables them to take specific actions as the package nears its destination. For example, they can receive a text message with a delivery date and estimated time of arrival. You can also choose to receive notifications through email, text message, or proof of delivery. USPS will not send you a text message if you opt-out, so be sure to unsubscribe from this service.