How to Send Direct Mail Postcards? 

If you want to know how to send direct mail postcards, you should know that there are several different ways to do it. These include setting up a trackable URL or phone number on your postcard, setting up campaign-specific email addresses, or using special QR codes. If you plan to send your postcards in the mail, be sure to follow the program’s guidelines.

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Canva direct mail postcards make your marketing pop 

Creating a great postcard design doesn’t have to be complicated. With Canva, you can use built-in graphics or upload your own. It even has a selection of background options. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can even add your photos. 

Using a design service like Canva to create your direct mail postcards will make your marketing pop. You’ll have the ability to work with a team or individually and collaborate in real time. Once you’ve completed your design, you can order multiple copies and download them for printing. 

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) program requirements 

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a program in which you can send mail to every address in a defined geographic area. This type of mailing is best suited for products and services that have broad appeal. However, it is not the best option for products and services that are too specific. For example, restaurants use this program to send menus to their customers. They know that everyone needs to eat. However, a commercial safety equipment manufacturing company wouldn’t be a good candidate for EDDM, as they would need a more targeted mailing list. 

In addition to the address, EDDM also requires an indicia or return address. These indicia must be placed on the top half of the mailing piece, with at least an eighth of an inch between the top and right edges. 

Creating a winning postcard headline 

Writing an effective postcard headline is important because it sets the expectations of the reader. It should be clear and concise and should convey a sense of urgency. If your postcard is part of a direct-mail campaign, try to include words that make the reader feel compelled to read on. For example, “JUST SOLD” is a great headline for a real estate postcard. This headline will entice customers to look at other properties offered by the agency. 

The headline is the most important part of your postcard. It needs to capture the reader’s attention, inspire them to read more and make them want to purchase your product or service. You can write a headline that focuses on a specific benefit or create excitement, or you can include an offer. Remember, your headline is the first line your recipient will read and may be the only part of your postcard that catches their attention. 

Tracking results and responses on direct mail postcards 

When you send direct mail postcards, tracking results and responses can be a key part of your marketing strategy. The goal of this type of marketing campaign is to get a specific response, such as a purchase. This may be an order from an eCommerce store, a discount to entice customers back, or a new product launch. If you want to be successful, you’ll need to know exactly how many people you’ve reached your goal. 

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to measure the results of direct mail marketing campaigns. First, you can track conversions. Many consumers prefer to speak with a live person when making a purchasing decision. Secondly, you can track your campaign’s ROI by measuring the number of leads generated, cost per acquisition, and customer lifetime value.