How to Put Return Service Requested on Bulk Mailing? 

If you send bulk mailings, you need to include a request for return service. Mass mailers often include this request, which states that they will return a mail piece if the address it was sent to does not work. For more information about the requirement, read our articles on bulk mailings and endorsements.

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Endorsement requirements 

The USPS requires an endorsement to be placed on bulk mailing pieces with a return service requested address. This endorsement is not required on first-class mail, but it is required on bulk parcels. It is free and does not require a time limit. In addition, the endorsement must be placed on the front of the envelope. 

There are some situations when using an endorsed address is not practical. Sometimes a post office isn’t close enough to deliver mail or a mail carrier may not come to the residence regularly. In these cases, a Postal Service box may be used for mail delivery. The endorsement must be legible and written clearly. If the address is incorrect, it should be endorsed differently. 

ACS mailers also have several additional endorsement options. ACS publication mailers can be sent with multiple options to notify the addressee of a move. These additional endorsements are specified in DMM. If you choose to use the Intelligent Mail method, you can include an address change request on the mail piece. The mailer will then forward the mail piece to the address on file. 

Requirements for bulk mailings 

If you plan to send out bulk mailings, you should understand the rules for return service. This is a legal requirement that will protect your mailing from being rejected. The USPS will not accept bulk mail that does not meet the required standards. Bulk mail must be mailed in a specified envelope that has a return address and must contain at least two pieces of the same type. 

When mailing in bulk, it is necessary to ensure that the bulk mailing envelope is properly secured with a 1.5-inch clear tab. Do not use tape or staples. Also, the address label must be in the correct area and visible. The USPS will inspect the bulk mailing to ensure that it follows the rules. 

In addition to these requirements, bulk mail also must meet USPS move update requirements. This means that the mailing list must be updated at least 95 days before mailing. You can do this by checking the change-of-address database with USPS or by contacting your bulk mail vendor. Some companies provide this service for a small fee. 

Reasons to request return service 

You can request a return service on bulk mail if you need to recall a certain mailing. However, you cannot simply write “Return service requested” on the back of the envelope. The USPS postal employee may not recognize this endorsement, so you must write it on the front of the envelope. 

USPS makes every effort to deliver mail to its intended destination, but it can experience delivery issues. For instance, someone might move and have changed their address. A return service will help you guarantee that your mail will reach the intended recipient. If the mail is not delivered, it can get lost or destroyed in the process. 

USPS provides a return service for bulk mail when you request it. You can ask them to forward the mail to a new address and notify the recipient. This service is free for bulk mailing. However, you should make sure to include the Return Address on the card.