How do Print and Mail Flyers to Specific Addresses? 

If you are not familiar with how to print and mail flyers to specific locations, here are a few tips to make the process easier. Obtain your mailing list. A good printer will check the size of your flyer and use an approved Postal Service format to print full addresses on your flyers. You can also request a file format in which the Postal Service will accept your flyers. And, finally, ask for a specialized file format for mailings.

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Design guidelines for EDDM mailers 

EDDM (electronically delivered direct mail) mailers must comply with USPS design guidelines. These mail pieces must be rectangular or square, and 0.007 inches thick or less. The letterhead, company logo, and address must be in all caps and 4 points. They must be placed within 1.625″ of the right edge of the piece, with an additional 1/8″ border around the top and bottom. 

Do’s and don’ts 

There are many things to keep in mind when printing and mailing flyers to specific addresses. First, they should be made of durable paper. Choose from the range of high-quality paper stocks from Next Day Flyers. Choose a paper coating if you need your flyers to last longer. Not only will this add protection, but it will also enhance the color of your flyers. Avoid blurry photos, as this can turn off readers and suggest a lack of attention to detail. Make sure your flyers contain a logo. 

Options for printing 

To reach a targeted audience, send mailers to a specific neighborhood. Flyers mailed without postage are illegitimate, so you can’t rely on staff or outsiders to hand-deliver them to mailboxes. There are several options for printing and mailing flyers to specific addresses, including emailing the files to the people on your mailing list. Read on for more information. 


If you’re considering starting a business, mailing flyers to specific addresses is a great way to inform potential customers about your business. However, you should know that mailing flyers without postage is against the law. It’s not realistic to rely on your staff to deliver flyers to neighborhoods, so mailing them to specific addresses is a good idea. Listed below are some tips for mailing flyers.