How to Print a Mailing Label With No Invoice? 

When you’re using PayPal to send packages, you can use Microsoft Word to create a mailing label. Alternatively, you can use a service such as Shippo to create a label. The key is to choose the right layout for your label. Once you’ve decided on a layout, you can print your label. 

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PayPal shipping 

Shipping a parcel from PayPal can save you time and money. When you choose to ship from PayPal, you can save all documents related to your shipment into one folder. You can then print your mailing labels from the convenience of your home. The PayPal shipping label is uniform and makes shipping fast and easy. 

To print a label for your parcel from PayPal, first sign in to your PayPal account. Next, choose a recent transaction and click the Print Shipping Label option. You can select either UPS or USPS shipping. Next, fill out the required shipping information. 

Microsoft Word 

If you need to print a mailing label but you don’t have an invoice, there’s an easy solution: use the Envelopes and Labels option in the Tools menu. Select the appropriate envelope type and click the drop-down menu to choose the desired envelope size. You can also select your default font and the delivery address from the drop-down menu. 

After selecting the proper label template, you can save the document and begin printing. The Labels dialog box contains hundreds of label templates for different brands. If you don’t need an invoice, you can customize them with your company’s information or print them as is. You can also print a return address label or an organizational label using Microsoft Word. 


When creating mailing labels in Shippo, you can set the shipping carrier to “test mode.” This means that you can print and mail a single label, without having to pay for each one. However, once your business reaches a certain threshold, you will be charged. However, if you only need one mailing label, you can create many more without worrying about paying a penny. 

Shippo is a web application that connects you with multiple shipping carriers. You can use it to print and send labels from USPS, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post, UberRUSH, and many others. You will need to sign up for an account on Shippo to use the platform. Once you’re logged in, you can use the free API to create mailing labels and pay only when you print live labels. 

PayPal shipping labels 

When you make a payment through Paypal, you can choose to print your shipping labels and not your invoice. There are a few ways to do this. First, you can turn off the default setting that prints labels along with your receipt. To do this, navigate to Selling Tools > Shipping Carriers and uncheck the option. Once you’ve selected this option, the labels will be printed on plain paper, but your receipt won’t be printed along with them. 

Next, you’ll need to find your recent transaction and expand the details. You’ll want to select the shipping method. You can choose UPS or USPS shipping. Then, enter the shipping information and pay using your credit card or your PayPal balance.