How to Fold a Legal Size Letter for Mailing? 

Whether you are sending a letter or postcard, if you want it to get where you need it to go, you need to fold it correctly. There are several steps to follow, and the proper technique will ensure that your letter will get where it needs to be. The steps are simple and can be done on a standard piece of printer paper. 

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First, fold the letter in half. You can do this with the top or bottom flaps, but the bottom flap should be tucked into the pocket. You can then insert the letter into the envelope. If you are mailing a legal document, be sure to place it in a large envelope. 

Folding the letter is a skill that you can use to make your letters look special. You can use special paper or even incorporate origami into the folds. You can also add a wax seal to the back of the letter. You should also leave some space for the salutation and the full name of the recipient. You should also be sure to double-check your spelling and grammar. 

Using a ruler, make the top and bottom creases. You can also use a bone folder to crease the edges. You may also want to use a sticker seal to seal the bottom flap. A ruler can also be useful for creases that you cannot reach. You will also want to make the most of the folds by making a nice crisp crease. 

The top and bottom creases of the letter should line up with the creases of the envelope. You may also want to make a crease at the bottom left and right corners. A standard legal-size envelope is 8 1/2 inches by 14 inches. This site is a little larger than letter-size paper, but it will still fit into most standard envelopes. If your letter is larger than this size, it may be best to use an envelope that has windows. 

The best way to fold a letter is to use a ruler. A ruler can be held sideways to make a fine crease. This will make it easier to fold the letter. You can also use the ruler to check that your creases are in the right places. The best way to fold a letter is on a flat surface. 

The most important aspect of folding a letter is folding it correctly. If you fold your letter wrong, it will not fit in the envelope. It may also be difficult to make a crease, which can make the letter harder to open. This is especially true if you are mailing a letter to a friend or family member. If you are mailing a letter to a business, you should fold the letter to fit it. You may want to make the letter a bit smaller by folding it twice. 

The letter may be small, but the proper folds and creases will make it look just as good as it should. You may even want to make it more special by adding a wax seal to the back of the envelope.