How to Make Business Reply Cards Work With Direct Mail 

So you want to know how to make Business reply cards or postcards work with direct mail. You might have tried using postcards or self-addressed envelopes, but you didn’t see the results you were looking for. Here’s how to make business reply cards work. Ensure the envelopes are addressed correctly. Print a toll-free phone number on the order blank. Or, provide a URL for your customers to visit and order.

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Business reply cards 

If you’ve tried sending direct mail pieces in the past and have not received any response, consider adding business reply cards. These cards are simple postcards with a special barcode that helps the Post Office route the mail to the right destination. They’re an inexpensive, effective way to generate responses. These postcards are also an excellent way to advertise incentive programs, as the customer is prompted to check a box to receive further information. 

The most common uses of business reply mail are in new business solicitations and sales responses. Nonprofit organizations are also prime candidates for this type of mail. They use them to raise funds and initiate membership drives. Businesses that mail their product offerings regularly are also excellent candidates. Magazine subscribers can return them free of charge. And sellers of merchandise often include Business Reply Cards with each purchase. They make a great marketing tool and can help you boost sales. 

Business reply postcards 

Business reply postcards can be customized on one side and include a barcode for tracking purposes. Depending on your direct mail campaign, you can insert these cards in magazines or mail them separately. They are effective for generating responses, promoting awareness, and creating brand loyalty. You can also include a petition or subscription form on a business reply card.