How to Box a Direct Mail Piece Correctly? 

If you’re planning to send out direct mail pieces, you’ll want to know how to box them correctly. Frank H. Johnson, a successful direct mail copywriter, developed the Johnson Box to get the most out of every piece of direct mail. The Johnson Box is an excellent way to make sure the content inside is right for your target audience. For example, you may want to include an expiration date, guarantee, or coupon.

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Johnson Box 

Johnson Boxes are the ‘key messages that are featured at the top of direct mail letters. Their primary purpose is to grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to read the rest of the letter. However, there are many different styles and strategies used to craft these boxes. Read on to learn more about the most common types of Johnson Boxes and how they work. This will help you create an effective direct mail campaign. 

A well-designed Johnson box is an essential part of any direct mail campaign. It’s the perfect space to highlight the main offer and includes a call to action. Regardless of your preferred style, make sure your box is eye-catching. Consider using asymmetrical shapes, enlarged plain text, or no box at all. A well-designed Johnson box will grab the attention of readers and inspire them to act. 

Using Origami 

Using Origami to box direct mail can be a great way to create a unique, attention-grabbing mailing. By incorporating the art of origami into your direct mail, you can create a brochure that contains a lot of information, but is still visually pleasing. In addition, people will be more likely to keep the brochure, which will increase the chance of it being auctioned or used for another purpose. 

The best part about using origami is that it is a fun and interactive way to send mail, particularly for children. Interactivity is a proven way to draw attention and retain memory. Using origami on your direct mail can also personalize your messages. Using foldouts, you can create a story or journey that people can follow through the folded paper. You can even make the folding process more enjoyable by allowing customers to choose their favorite panel. 

Using EDDM(r) mail route mapping tool 

If you have a new business or are looking for a low-cost advertising option, you can benefit from EDDM mail routes. While this program has certain limitations, it is a great choice for small businesses on a tight budget. With EDDM, you can choose a carrier route that suits your mailing list. The EDDM mapping tool is a great way to figure out which carriers can deliver your mail. 

Using an EDDM mail route mapping tool will allow you to see how many residential and business addresses your mailers will reach. It can also show you how much it would cost to make deliveries to each address. This tool is particularly useful for B2C businesses because it allows you to target your mailings based on demographics and other characteristics of your customer base. The data is a wealth of information, so you can use it to determine which addresses to target for your next campaign.