How Direct Mail Advertising Should Be Followed Up On? 

Direct mail advertising is an important marketing tool that can help your business grow. It can also help you create more personal relationships with your customers and prospects. However, it is important to know how to follow up on your direct mail campaigns to maximize the results you get. 

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First, it is important to choose the right mailing list for your direct mail campaign. This is where your CRM or marketing automation platform comes into play. It can help you automatically send personalized direct mail ads to the individuals in your contact lists based on their actions and behaviors. 

Another important part of a successful direct mail marketing strategy is to include a Call To Action (CTA). A good CTA is one that grabs the recipient’s attention and inspires them to act. You can do this by making the CTA as simple as a “call now” or as complicated as a “visit us online.” 

When creating your CTA, make sure to include the details of your product or service and any special offers you have available. This will ensure that your CTA is a successful one and helps you increase your response rate. 

Your follow-up email should also be tailored to your recipients’ needs and pain points. You can find these details in your CRM and use them to craft a compelling message that will motivate your prospect to engage with you. 

It is also a great idea to link a relevant case study or quote from a company that uses your product. This will show your potential customers that your products are effective and that they can see a return on investment. 

Once you have your list and your CTA, it is time to start designing the direct mail pieces you will send to your target audience. There are a variety of standard direct mail formats, and your budget and marketing goals will determine which ones are best for you. 

Oversized envelopes and postcards are two of the most common mailer types used by marketers for direct mail. Both of these options are affordable and can be a great way to promote new products or services, announce upcoming events, and more. 

Next, it is crucial to choose a mailer design that is eye-catching and enticing. This will increase your chances of a high response rate and will help your direct mail stand out from the rest. 

You can even add QR codes to your direct mail pieces to allow recipients to instantly access your contact data or landing pages. This will save them the trouble of having to go out of their way to visit your website, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions. 

It is always a good idea to follow up on your direct mail campaign with an email, social media, and/or phone call. It’s especially important to combine offline and online marketing because campaigns that utilize both can experience a 118% increase in response rates.