How Often to Resend a Direct Mail Campaign? 

There is a right and a wrong answer to the question of how often to resend a marketing campaign. Several factors must be considered, including timing, segmented lists, and whether or not to deliver multiple messages to the same audience. Here are some guidelines that you should follow to determine how often to resend your campaign.

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Depending on timing 

When it comes to direct mail, timing is everything. If your campaign is not generating good results within the first few days, you should consider resending it. This way, you can increase your chances of conversions. It is also a great way to increase your list of subscribers. 

Timing is essential in both life and business. If you try to mail out your Christmas offer in mid-December, you may be too late. If your campaign is timed with an expiration date, timing is even more important. 

Using segmented lists 

Segmented lists help you to send targeted marketing messages to specific demographics. Segmentation can be done based on purchasing history, demographics, age groups, and even biographical data. Segmenting lists can save you time and improve response rates. 

Segmented email campaigns can be targeted to improve response rates and sales. For example, a welcome series can help your email subscribers learn more about your company and improve their buying behavior. You should send these emails only to those subscribers who complete the welcome series. 

Delivering multiple messages to the same audience 

Delivering multiple messages to the same audience when you’re running a direct mail campaign can help you maximize your return on investment. This is particularly important if you’re trying to reach a large audience. Whether you’re trying to target potential customers or drive sales, your message should be simple and consistent across channels. To achieve this, segment your audience based on geographic, demographic, behavioral, and psychographic data. Then, personalize your message based on their pain points. 

One of the most effective ways to boost direct mail campaign response rates is to combine it with other digital marketing efforts. This can help your brand stay top of mind and convert more customers. For example, you could include coupons and other special offers in your direct mail campaign that can be redeemed online. These special offers can be in the form of discount codes, invitations to events, or other forms that require the recipient to input their data. 

Resending to non-openers 

If you’re resending a direct mail campaign to non-opened mail, the first thing to do is identify the non-openers. Chronic non-openers are likely not interested in your message, and you’ll want to use creative subject lines that will stand out in their inbox. Alternatively, you can use emotional language to suggest that they’re best removed from your list. 

For email campaigns, re-sending a direct mail campaign to non-readers is possible with Mailchimp. It creates a new segment with the list of non-openers, which you can resend with a new subject line. Then, you can schedule the resend as you would a normal broadcast campaign.