How Much Does the Postal Service Charge For Mass Postcard Mailing? 

If you’re planning a mass postcard mailing, you’re probably wondering how much the postal service will charge you. In this article, we’ll cover some of the factors that you should take into account. In addition to the standard mailing rates, you should also consider discounts for non-profits and Co-Mail/Co-Mingle mailings. These discounts can be quite significant, so it’s important to know which one applies to you.

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Co-Mail/Co-Mingle discounts 

There are three main levels of a postcard mailing. The first level is bulk mail. Bulk mail, which consists of 200 pieces or more, costs about the same as individual postcards. The cost per piece is 25.7 cents. The next level is informed delivery, which increases reach and response. This option is ideal for companies that are under a time crunch but still want to reach the maximum number of recipients. 

The USPS has two bulk mail rates: EDDM Retail and BMEU. First-class postcards are mailed for 34 cents per piece. Both have the same postal address, but there are certain conditions. In addition to being presorted, postcards must be larger than five inches and weigh at least sixteen ounces. To qualify for bulk mail rates, postcards must meet the postal service’s size and weight standards. 

Standard Mail rates 

USPS postcard rates have increased by one cent since January 21, 2018. The single-piece rate is still thirty-five cents, but you can use commercial postage rates if you’re mailing 500 or more postcards. Standard Mail rates are a fraction of those for First-Class Mail, but there are additional rules that you should know. Standard Mail rates include a charge for presorting and have a higher minimum quantity than First-Class Mail. 

Nonprofit mail is considered “nonprofit” and costs 70 percent less than first-class mail. Nonprofit organizations are also eligible to use Nonprofit Standard Mail rates, which save them even more money. If you’re planning to use this service, you must fill out the USPS Nonprofit Standard Mail Application. For nonprofit organizations, you can also send your postcards for free by submitting a completed Nonprofit Standard Mail Application. 

Discounts for non-profits 

Nonprofit organizations can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on mass postcard mailings. To qualify, organizations must apply for a nonprofit authorization number. This number must be given to the direct mail vendor you choose. Using this number will allow you to pay as little as $0.111 per piece of mail. The nonprofit rate is for weights up to 3.3 ounces and you can use the postage option that will let you pay as little as $0.111 per piece. First-class presorted rates are also available for organizations that require a special authorization number from the USPS. 

Many presorting services offer discounts for nonprofits, which compound over time. Mail sorted by ZIP(TM) Code saves both time and money for the USPS. Presorting service providers combine the mail of multiple clients to achieve maximum savings. In addition, these services help nonprofits meet minimum numbers for their discounts. If you’re looking for mass postcard mailing, contact a service provider today!