How is Direct Mail Tracked? 

Tracking a direct mail piece’s effectiveness requires a unique point of contact. This point of contact must be trackable so you can trace a sale back to the direct mail piece. To do this, you can use call tracking. Call tracking companies to provide a unique 800 or local phone number for tracking purposes.

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Informed Visibility 

Informed Visibility is a powerful tool that can help direct marketers know exactly where their direct mail pieces are in the delivery process. Using Informed Visibility, marketers can track the status of their direct mail pieces and launch complementary marketing campaigns to maximize their impact. The system also provides insights into the customer journey, such as when free samples are redeemed or when Facebook ads are clicked. 

Informed Visibility has end-to-end tracking capabilities and near-real-time visibility. By reducing the latency between scan and data delivery, this new tool provides mailers with actionable intelligence about mail movement. 

Lob’s Intelligent Direct Mail Tracking 

Lob’s Intelligent Direct Mail Tracking is an advanced direct mail tracking system that uses a USPS-certified database to verify that emails are delivered to the correct addresses. This helps to prevent wasted postage costs, which can have a significant impact on ROI. Lob’s address verification technology also detects and corrects address formatting errors before sending mail. It also runs addresses through the National Change of Address (NCOALINK) database and returns results based on that data. 

Lob’s service is compatible with Salesforce, ensuring that mail pieces are delivered securely and on time. It also allows customers to test different mail variations and create direct mail campaigns based on events and record changes, allowing program managers to coordinate customer response across various channels. The system also provides real-time visibility into mailing activities, enabling program managers to make informed decisions about follow-up tasks. 

Personalized URLs 

One of the most effective ways to boost response rates in a direct mail campaign is to integrate personalized URLs into the text of the letter. These unique URLs are designed to drive traffic to a microsite or landing page based on the specific information provided in the letter. The personalized nature of these URLs allows marketers to monitor the response in real-time and track results easily. The results can be tracked instantly through email notifications and the campaign branding is maintained in the email. 

The benefits of personalized URLs are numerous and can greatly enhance your marketing plan. Personalized URLs are an excellent choice for maximizing response rates and maximizing conversion rates. For more information on how personalized URLs can benefit your business, visit AlphaGraphics. 

Unique phone numbers 

In direct marketing, unique phone numbers are used to track the success of your marketing campaigns. By assigning unique phone numbers to direct mail pieces, online ads, and social media accounts, companies can better analyze the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. This type of data can be used for a variety of purposes, from determining how effective a direct mail piece is to tracking response rates by segment. For example, a dental practice that wants to increase its business hires a marketing agency to create a print and digital campaign. Using trackable phone numbers, the marketing company can determine which parts of the campaign are most effective in terms of converting visitors to leads. 

When tracking phone numbers, marketing teams can measure the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns by comparing the results from each type of advertising. If print is outperforming digital, for example, a company might reduce its online advertising budget to focus on more productive channels. With a trackable phone number, marketing and sales teams can pinpoint which advertising methods are most effective. 

Call tracking 

Call tracking for direct mail is an excellent way to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Using trackable phone numbers in your direct mail campaigns allows you to identify which mailings are yielding the most qualified leads. This information will allow you to optimize your direct mail spending and vary your approach to reach the right audience. One company, Pel Hughes, used call tracking in their direct mail campaigns and saw a 100% response rate leap. 

Call tracking will provide detailed reporting of all phone calls made to your direct mail campaign. The data can be broken down into individual calls, direct mail campaigns, and ads. Many industry-leading direct mail companies use call tracking for their campaigns. Still, some direct mail firms are skeptical of the technology. They believe their clients won’t know the benefits of call tracking until they see the data.