Why Government Agencies Should Outsource Print And Mailing

While some industries can easily move to electronic notifications for some of their
correspondence, government agencies, such as court systems or municipalities, must still
send paper letters, statements, bills, and notifications for a number of different reasons.
In some cases, government agencies need to send hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail
regularly, which can put a huge strain on both government employees as well as the
office’s printers and other machinery. In addition, these mailings are expensive, and
taxpayer dollars must be used.

At Towne Mailer, we help a number of government agencies with their printing and
mailing needs, from jury questioners and summons to tax bills and late notices to official
governmental notices. Not only can we get jobs done quickly and accurately, but we can
do it for less money that your agency can.

We can help a wide range of government agencies with the printing and mail processing, including:

  • Municipalities/City councils.
  • Parks and recreation.
  • City courts or county courts.
  • Parking commissions.
  • Transportation agencies.
  • Police departments.
  • Redevelopment agencies.
  • Development services.

Even if your type of government agency is not on this list, we can still likely help you
with print and mail services.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Print And Mail Needs
Because we specialize in printing and mailing services, our process can save you
significant amounts of time and money. In addition, it comes with a number of other
added benefits:

  • Save space. Government buildings can be cramped. Free up storage space by
    having someone else print and mail your letters.
  • Save on Equipment wear and tear or overtaxing.
  • Free up employees. When your employees aren’t helping with tedious mailings,
    they can work on any number of other different tasks.
  • Increase security. Our process involves tight security, from the time you upload
    your information to the moment your mail piece is delivered to the post office.
  • Get reports. Our services include three reports that you will receive with every
    mailing, perfect for quality assurance and record keeping.
  • Simplify your office. Removing the tasks of printing and mail processing also
    means removing a lot of large, complicated tasks from your plate so that you can
    focus on other jobs.

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